3 most Common Industries That Use Corporate Rentals

Common Industries That Use Corporate Rentals
  • Business Industry

The business travel industry in Charlotte is the reason we decided to start our corporate rental business. As businesses seek to retain their top employees, they understand the importance of comfortable travel accommodations. Especially when the work assignment extends beyond the 5-day work week to several months. The top 3 industries that use our corporate rentals are healthcare, construction, and technology.

  • Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry fuels global and local economies. Traveling nurses meet the ever-changing demand for staff at our local hospitals. Carolina Corporate housing provides furnished rental homes with the understanding that a typical nursing contract is 4 to 16 weeks. Nursing is just one segment of the healthcare industry. Staffing agencies like Aya Healthcare are placing facility managers, anesthesia assistants, dentists and nurse practitioners.

  • Construction Industry

The construction industry is benefiting from the growth and upgrades being made in healthcare facilities. Charlotte is also experiencing a boom in new construction for apartment buildings. Workers will often travel from state to state taking on job assignments that last months. And there are the corporate executives and project managers that have extended travel requirements to the job sites as well.

Carolina Corporate Housing Charlotte’s corporate housing is in demand. The technology industry continues to drive business travel. We often think of people in the technology fields as being able to work remotely. But there is a growing demand for onsite skilled workers. Business travel for installers and technicians requires these companies to house employees near job sites. Companies will seek out corporate housing arrangements during installation and planned scheduled maintenance.

Corporate housing is a growing sector of the hospitality industry. We provide furnished rental homes as an alternative to living in a hotel. These are private homes our guests rent. We do not live on site but are available when needed. The home is furnished and equipped with them in mind. The industries that fuel business travel see the need to provide housing options that feel like home and are affordable. Carolina Corporate Housing provides furnished rentals in Charlotte. When companies need to house employees for 30 days or more, renting a furnished apartment or home near the job site is a great alternative. Call us today for assistance in booking for your next assignment.

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